Marine Service

Container and Cargo Survey

We offers a variety of inspection services for shipping and container services including but not limited to the following
• Visual inspection of cargo prior to crating / packaging.
• Verification of quantity / quality conformity to contractual agreement.
• Inspections of packaging and crating integrity for safe transportation of cargo.
• Visual inspection of general appearance and conformity to contractual specification.
• Verification of weights, volumes and quantities.
• Verification of shipping mark of cargo crates / packages and containers.
• Witness / supervise the loading of crates / packages into containers.
• Witness / supervise proper cargo securing in container to ensure safe transportation.
• Witness / supervise unloading of cargo to ensure cargo receipt in sound condition.
• Damage investigation of cargo and container for loss assessment and mitigation.

Inspection and Marine Survey

Packaged but non-containerized cargo. Loose cement, grains, ores, etc., are termed bulk cargo, whereas cargo shipped as a unit (bags, bales, barrels, boxes, cartons, drums, pallets, sacks, vehicles, etc.) is termed break bulk. Our break bulk survey covers the follows:
• Inspection of cargo condition and tally of goods pre-shipment and pre-discharge
• Hold inspection for cargo suitability and water tightness before loading.
• Inspection of cargo stowage and lashing after loading and before discharge.
• Damage goods investigation to determine the extent and cause of damage.

Dry Bulk Cargo Survey

Cargo which may be loose, granular, free-flowing or solid, such as grain, coal, and ore, and is shipped in bulk rather than in package form. Dry bulk cargo is usually handled by specialized mechanical handling equipment at specially designed dry bulk terminals. Our dry bulk survey covers the follows:
• Draft survey to determine the cargo quantity loaded or discharged from vessel.
• Hold inspection for cargo suitability and water tightness before loading.
• Pre-shipment survey of cargo to determine the cargo readiness and sampling for quality test.
• Inspection of cargo before discharging from vessel and sampling for quality test.
• Supervision of loading or discharging operation and sampling throughout operation.
• Monitoring cargo temperature during loading for self-heating cargo i.e. Palm Expellers.

Liquid Bulk Cargo Survey

Cargos which are transported and stored in liquid form and commonly shipped in ocean tankers or ISO containers. Such cargos include dangerous chemicals, gasoline, gases (LPG/LNG), petroleum and cooking/edible oil. Our liquid bulk survey covers the follows:
• Inspection and sampling of shore tanks prior to loading and / or discharging.
• Witnessing and / or analysis of cargoes prior to shipment or pre-shipment survey.
• Inspection of vessel’s tanks prior loading and / or after discharging.
• Gauging of vessel’s tanks after loading and / or prior discharging.
• Inspection of shore and vessel’s lines, pumps and other facilities.
• Continuous attendance during operations.
• Sampling of cargoes pre-discharged and post loading from vessel’s tanks.
• Full supervision of ship to ship cargo transfer operation.

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